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The vPresentation Email Marketing Services (VEMS) offer the ultimate leverage in the field of sales and marketing. As the perfect compliment to our rich media presentations , VEMS help companies generate a return on their marketing investment via relevant and timely email communications. Our award-winning technology platform allows our clients to develop personalized email campaigns, instantly deliver them to their targeted audiences, and track the activities (open emails, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and sent-to-friend forwards) on an aggregate or individual level. Our tracking and reporting capabilities are top rated and virtually unmatched in the industry. The data tracked on our VEMS platform can be turned into a powerful tool for your sales team.

Due to the customizable nature of our products and services, we offer our clients a free price quote on every project. Depending on the level of services required by our clients, our fees range from affordable one-time development fees to ongoing monthly maintenance or usage fees.

Please take a look at our VEMS features and benefits below. If you have any questions regarding our product please feel free to contact us.


Enterprise-level security

Description: For all of our vPresentation subscribers, we offer industry-leading 128-bit SSL Security that encrypts all data from third parties.

You choose a secure name and password to login to the vPresentation system.
Benefits: Keep all your segmented lists online in a secure database that allows you to engage your subscribers 24/7.

High-Volume Servers

Description: No matter how large your email lists are, vPresentation can assist you with a smooth campaign that is delivered on time, every time.

In addition, ‘'throttle settings" on our platform assure that your emails actually get delivered instead of being filtered into a bulk email folder.

Benefits: Your campaign is delivered quickly to ensure that it meets up to time-based offers and seminars.

By employing smart “throttles” on your campaigns, we can make sure that we are not sending volumes to companies or ISPs that will hinder delivery times.


Real-Time Statistics ("Live Reporting")

Description: Real-time charting and statistics confirm the success of your campaign in real-time. You can view data (mailed, delivered, reads, clicks, hot prospects, unsubscribes, and bounces) in summary format or you can drill down to see exactly who is reading and clicking on your messages, and what web pages they are visiting on your site.

Also measure desired action completion, orders, registrations or general campaign goals.
Benefits: Instantly identify how your campaign is succeeding and make any changes that might assist you with offers to the rest of or other segmented lists.

Datasets and charts give you a robust view of campaign performance.

Web Analysis

Description: vPresentation's Web analysis software, extends the tracking data associated with an email recipient from a vPresentation email all the way through any web site that is enabled with our web tracker. Powerful tracking tools, including diagnostic charts, allow you to see the number of unique visitors, page views, IP address (and domain), browser and operating system. Benefits: Unlike other Web analysis software, ours completes the circle by providing data as to which people visit a Web page, which people click on a particular link and which people abandoned their shopping cart. Precise individual data is available all of the way from email to checkout.
Description: Our system allows you to quickly and easily create professional single- or multiple-question surveys.

Further, it allows you to offer single response, multiple response or open-ended questions and, all your respondents' answers are automatically tabulated for you.
Benefits: Relevant results, real fast. Our survey allows you to get at the Why's and How's that traditional metrics cannot provide.

Leverage data to build campaigns that targets feedback from subscribers.

Multiple List Management

Description: As your email marketing campaigns evolve, you will want to consider refining your email list(s) into specific sub-lists. Managed email Lists give you the ability to target your campaigns based on demographics; by which you can segment lists at the start of a campaign and then refine your lists as you gain more and more information about your prospects and/or customers.

Benefits: Deliver relevant info that solves your customers' problems and yours, helping to separate your email from unsolicited email.

vPresentation provides you with the instant ability to segment your lists based on the data fields in your list or by actions taken by respondents



Description: vPresentation offers two tools designed to increase the deliverability of permission-based email by ensuring that messages sent through vPresentation are not erroneously blocked by spam filters.

Our system identifies key words, phrases, and certain patterns that are likely to trigger spam filters, then recommends a resolution. Your mailing lists are also scanned to indicate suspicious (or "high-risk") email addresses before you send your messages.
Benefits: Daily imports of words or email traits from the top ISPs are flagged as spam are culled into an interface that allows you to make final changes to copy and calls to action to increase campaign performance with ISP and personal mail filters.


Description: vPresentation's Send-To-A-Friend feature enables your recipients to forward your message to friends and family for either opt-in to your list or just to view the email. Benefits: Build viral campaigns and know what comments others are sending about your offers.

Build your lists organically through referral programs.

List De-duplication

Description: vPresentation syncs with most contact managers - it's easy to import and export lists to the VEMS platform. Each time a list is uploaded an automatic de-duplication process ensures that no duplicate email addresses are inadvertently added. Benefits: vPresentation protects you from ever sending more than one email message to the same email address keeping your customer happy.


Description: Auto-responders are a very powerful sales feature that enables you to schedule, and automatically send, unlimited sequential emails - great for event notices (e.g., trade shows, Webinars, and conferences). You can schedule future email deliveries on a person-by-person basis, or upload a planned series of events for an entire group. Benefits: Incorporate follow-up email campaigns and responses based on the actions taken from our list subscribers.
Drive return visits or follow-up surveys with time- and date-based auto-responders.

One-to-One Personalization

Description: VEMS platform enhances your ability to match customer profile information with targeted, relevant content. The sophisticated system will help you reach your customers with relevant email messages based on their specific attributes or requests. Benefits: Helps you build long-term customer value, increased loyalty, higher response rates and more profitable communications.

Email Campaign Testing

Description: An A/B split is a classic marketing technique for optimizing the success of a message - it is commonly used to test the response of a particular message by a sample group before sending the message to your entire list. It can also be used to send two messages to two similar lists to gauge effectiveness.

The vPresentation A/B split is a fast, convenient way to create two new lists at the same time from one larger list. Each A/B Split list consists of randomly generated samples from your original mailing list.

If you have ever wanted to pre-schedule emails to multiple groups (e.g., 1,000 people on Monday, 1,000 people on Tuesday and 1,000 on Wednesday) to see how different delivery times affect your response rates, you can now do so. Our system will make sure that no duplicate emails are delivered to your test groups.
Benefits: By configuring tests of subject lines, calls to action, copy, and creative you can compile pre-event statistics that will help you to construct a final version of your email campaign that can be sent to the entire list based on already proven measurements.

Cross Platform Compatibility

Description: From AOL to Blackberry and Explorer to Lotus Notes, your email campaigns will work on every email system.

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Our system is extensively tested to work with new releases of email client software. In those cases where outdated (or overzealous) firewalls, management or IT departments are troubled by HTML emails, our system's proprietary technology will ensure that your message is delivered to them as a perfectly formatted text-only message.

Benefits: Make sure that your message is read and is compatible with all mail programs so you don't have to worry about whether or not your customers can read your email

Messages are sent default as multi-part messages. This means a text and HTML version are sent at the same time to each user. Upon delivery, the appropriate version is displayed in the inbox of the mail program.

XML Retrieve Function

Description: There is now an XML Retrieve function built into our platform, so Master List and individual mailing list data can be downloaded using XML directly into your company's CRM package. Benefits: With one click you can import into and export out of VEMS platform to your CRM application.

Auto populate landing page forms and shopping cart data.

Email List Upload

Description: We have one-click uploads - even for lists in the hundreds of thousands of names. Or if you would prefer, simply take advantage of our list import and management service: just email your list to us (e.g., in our excel spreadsheet format), and we'll upload it to your secure, online account.

If you've got a large or complex database, this service can be an outstanding time-saver.

Benefits: Saves you time from entering individual records and multiple user demographic fields.

In one simple step you can import your entire list and segment it into multiple lists for future mailings.


Web Site Sign-up Box

Description: The Web site sign-up box is completely customizable. Just "cut and paste" it to your Web site. You can use your own colors and fonts so that it matches the look and feel of your Web site. You can also elect to have a "single opt-in" or "double opt-in box." If you would like, you can even elect to have personalized "thank you" messages sent to people who sign up for your email list. Benefits: Easily grow your in-house mailing list and keep records of IP, date and the website the opt-in was generated from if you manage multiple sites.

The process for adding a Web sign-up box to your website is simple - just use our sign up wizard to select the pieces of information you would like to collect from your subscribers (e.g., email address, name, company, address, phone, direct marketing special offer code, and/or any other information you are interested in).

Helps you keep your company top of mind to your customers when they are opted in to regularly receive emails from you. At the same time it can let them know what email address you will be sending from, which they can add to their trusted sender list.

Unsubscribe/Profile Updates
CAN-SPAM Compliance

Description: Our system constantly manages your lists for you. You don't have to take the time or deal with the responsibility of unsubscribing somebody from your list or updating someone's personal profile. Our system handles all of this for you.

VEMS platform has a powerful profile update page that enables recipients to manage their own contact info (and unsubscribe if they wish). The sender can elect to have this feature as a header, footer or custom HTML code integrates into the email.
Benefits: Time savings and self-management allow the list subscriber to instantly update a profile or remove themselves from a newsletter saving you man-hours to be better utilized.
Encourages subscribers to provide you with additional information about them, giving you more targeted lists.

Bounce Management

Description: When a message being delivered to a valid email address is not received as intended by an email server, our system re-attempts to deliver the message through a variety of paths over a three-day period (sending as many as seventy-two attempts) until the message is successfully received. If after three days the recipient's email server is still malfunctioning, our system advises you of the "bounce" so you can either remove the address or try another means of communication with the intended recipient. Benefits: Bounces due to heavy ISP traffic or full email boxes are resent once an hour for 72 hours until they are recorded as a hard bounce.

Make sure that no matter the reason, your campaign arrives.
Hard bounces are identified right away in your database.


Description: With character sets from the world's most popular languages, vPresentation can help you send a compelling (and linguistically correct) message to international markets.
Benefits: This allows you to reach your customers all around the globe. Don't be bound by the language barrier.

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