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Q: What are vPresentations?
A: vPresentations are powerful communication agents that tailor your message to any audience, for nearly any purpose, without the need for costly printed brochures, bland slide shows or ineffective websites. They are great alternatives to traditional and costly sales presentations as well as training and educational programs.

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Q: Why do I need vPresentations?
70% of businesses have a tough time grabbing customers' attention due to noise and clutter in the marketplace. Our team combines decades of experience in business, finance, technology, sales and marketing to create hi-impact, compelling virtual presentations that help win your audience over. A vPresentation is a better, faster and more cost-effective way to win people over.

  • Why better? Because vPresentations are powerful communication agents that have no geographical, time or personnel limits. They can reach and simultaneously communicate your message to people around the world. They educate your prospects motivating them to do business with you – all without inefficient cold-calling or “pushy” sales tactics!

  • Why faster? Because vPresentation can electronically deliver compelling presentations to your audience in seconds and minutes, not hours or days. They do the job without the need for time-consuming meetings and costly travel.

  • Why more cost-effective? Because vPresentation has made the initial investment in creating a proven and repeatable infrastructure. This allows us to provide our clients with customized solutions at just a fraction of the normal development and deployment costs.

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Q: What are some of the advantages of vPresentations?
A: vPresentations help you:

  • Generate more qualified leads in less time

  • Convert more prospects to willing buyers

  • Gain valuable insight into your audience with data tracked and maintained

  • Boost sales while reducing overhead

  • Deliver consistent, accurate presentations without the need for in-person meetings

  • Increase brand awareness and protect your brand integrity

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Q: How can I use vPresentations?
A: Here are just 5 examples of the limitless uses of vPresentations:

  1. A vPresentation as an effective sales alternative that accurately and consistently communicates your value proposition to potential clients

  2. Replace boring training and educational programs with exciting vPresentations that can be viewed by anyone, anytime, anywhere

  3. For investor relations or dealings with potential investors, vPresentations can provide that extra edge to set you apart from your competition

  4. vPresentaions can also highlight your business potential in a merger or acquisition transaction

  5. And for critical partnerships and alliances, vPresentations can convincingly convey the strength of your combined resources.

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Q: Can everybody view vPresentations?
Anyone with a computer that can access the Internet and has an installed free Macromedia Flash © Player can view vPresentations. Today, Flash Player is the world's most ubiquitous rich Internet client. Macromedia Flash Player is installed across more than 97% of Internet-connected desktops and there is a free download option for the other 3%.

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Q: How much do vPresentations cost?
A: Due to the customizable nature of our products and services, we offer our clients a free price quote on every project. Depending on the level of services required by our clients, our fees would include affordable one-time production fees for the development of the customized vPresentation as well as a low, ongoing monthly fee for our technical support, hosting and maintenance program. Our optional email marketing service fees will be based on the level of program chosen and the number of emails delivered by our system.

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Q: Is there a hosting fee required for vPresentations?
Yes. vPresentations are hosted and maintained “24/7” at our state-of-the-art server infrastructure to ensure continuous availability, security and reliability. There is a low monthly fee associated with this service.

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Q: Does your hosting require that I sign up for an annual contract?
A: No. vPresentations do not require long-term commitments. You may elect to terminate your account at any time upon a written notification. There is no cancellation or early termination fees -- only pay for what you use.

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Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
A: Major Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard), Debit Cards, Checks, Money Orders as well as Wire Transfers are accepted payment methods.

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Q: What is included in a vPresentation campaign?
A: Core components of a vPresentation campaign include the following:

  • Leads: including lead generation, marketing and tracking using vPresentation's powerful e-marketing platform

  • Presentation: Production and development of a customized vPresentation including the script, voiceover, graphic animations and fie upload to our servers ready for your use.

  • Closing: Taking customer orders using inside sales teams or outside telesales agents.

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Q: Where are vPresentations hosted and maintained?
A: vPresentations are hosted and maintained on our powerful servers assuring continuous reliability, security and availability for our clients.

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Q: Can I host my vPresentation on my server?
You may use a link to vPresentation from your web site or an email message at anytime, however vPresentation does not provide electronic files to be hosted on your own. Our backend technology infrastructure is very robust and is capable of handling millions of users around the world with world-class reliability, security and availability. Additionally, hosting and maintaining vPresentations on our servers allow us to provide our clients with instant product and service upgrades.

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Q: How long will my vPresentation remain on your servers?
A: A vPresentation will remain on our servers as long as your account remains active.

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Q: How would our web site provider link to your site and display the vPresentation?
vPresentation will provide the necessary links to your Webmaster who incorporates them in the appropriate section of your Web site. It is a very simple process and it works seamlessly.

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Q: Does vPresentation help me attract new prospects?
Yes! In addition to the exposure you receive from being presented to your own audience, and vPresentation provide you with exposure by being displayed on our website. Studies show that each of us is exposed to more than 3,000 advertising messages a day of which we only notice 80 and react to just 10. vPresentations help you stand out of the crowd.

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Q: How large are vPresentation files and how many vPresentations can I have hosted and maintained on my account?
Depending on your account level you can host any number of vPresentations on our servers. Typical file size for a 60-90 second vPresentation (similar to what you saw on our website) is under 1MB.

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Q: What's involved in ordering a vPresentation?
A: It's easy. To order a vPresentation contact our sales department via email or phone using our toll-free number at 1-800-880-7975. One of our professional account executives will answer your questions and walk you through the entire process.

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Q: How long can a vPresentation be?
A: It is entirely customizable to meet your needs. A vPresentation can range anywhere from a few seconds to minutes and even hours depending on the objective. For example, a 60-90 second presentation may work best for quick intros and sales promotions whereas a 30-60 minute virtual tutorial may be an ideal alternative to costly training and educational programs.

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Q: What are the steps involved in creating my customized vPresentation?
A typical project begins with a free client consultation and a detailed “needs” analysis. Then a proposal is prepared, tailored to your specific needs, for your review and approval. Upon acceptance of our proposal:

  • With your help, we gather the preliminary information regarding your company and its products and services including its value proposition, differentiators, special offerings, and other relevant material you would like to include such as brochures, photos, videos, advertising copy, etc.

  • Our team then provides you with a preliminary draft of the script for your review and comments. We then make the requested changes to the script and ask you to select the voice type (male or female) that you would like to use in your vPresentation.

  • Simultaneously, we provide you with the initial storyboard for your review and approval.

  • Upon the final recording of the narration, we present you with the first draft of the graphic animations. At this point, you have the opportunity to make changes before the final production of your customized vPresentation.

  • Following your final project approval, we will upload your vPresentation files to our servers where they will be hosted and maintained 24/7 for your future use.

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Q: What makes a vPresentation different than other presentations?
A vPresentation is more than an attractive and persuasive presentation. It is a complete selling system that includes:

  • A full range of robust lead generation, marketing and tracking features

  • Email-to-a-Friend features

  • Reliable and secure hosting on a world-class technology infrastructure

  • 24/7 technical support

  • Developed by business, finance, technology, sales and marketing experts

  • Dedicated and professional creative team of writers, voiceover talents and graphic animators.

  • Unsurpassed service from our client care team

  • Cost-effective customizable platform offering our clients products and services at a fraction of the ordinary development costs.

  • Available telesales agents to help you close transactions with your clients.

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